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My Fantasy - Your Dessert

I have had many fantasies over the years, most of which I have experienced over the last couple of years, except for this one. My fantasy is that you spent a few hours cooking dinner for me and after we indulge ourselves in fine eating, you lift me up on the counter for dessert. You pick me up by my hips, slide me up on the counter, slowly pull my dress up to find that I’m not wearing panties. You take your time tasting me, sucking on my lips and getting me wetter than I was over dinner. The fantasy alone has me almost ready to squirt, and if you were in front of me I’d make a mess of us both. Stroke your cock while you watch me cum, and enjoy the thought of being with me as I suck my toes and finger fuck myself into a couple orgasms. You can hear how wet I am, and see my lips glazed in my silky juices. Afterward, you would take me to your bed and devour me again and again, before we fall asleep in each others arms.

Tags: Fingering Hairy Pussy Heels Masturbation No Panties Orgasm