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In a Friend’s Bed

I was staying with a friend of mine that I have known since junior high, and we have always just been “friends”. It is not that we have not often wondered what it would be like, or if we’d become closer friends, but our timing has always been terrible. When I am available, he is not and vice versa. Today he has gone to pick up lunch for both of us and I am masturbating in his bed. It is all kinds of naughty fun and I get so turned on that my panties had cream in them before I slipped them off. Of course I rubbed my dirty panties all over his sheets and then finger fucked myself into an orgasm, leaving more of my scent for him to smell when he crawls into bed tonight. Let’s see if he finally has the courage to join me in mine. *wink*

Tags: Fingering Hairy Pussy Masturbation Orgasm Panties