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A Satin Seduction

Let’s call off work this morning and stay in bed later than usual. Starting the day together is one of my most favorite ways to begin the day. Imagine my satin blouse rubbing up against your back as we spoon, while I kiss your neck and run my hand down to access your mood. I roll you over on your back, climb on top and begin grinding against you as we kiss passionately, with a kind of hunger two people feel between each other when the attraction is there. As I slide down, my blouse rubs against you, further creating a desire that I am about to fulfill. Feel my lips wrapped around your head, licking the pre-cum that is dripping, taking your cock into my mouth to get you harder before I give you my pussy. From the electric passion, I already know this will be a quickie, but a satisfying one, nonetheless. Once my pussy slides down your cock, you can feel the ache between us both; I slowly grind up and down, my hands on your chest, and we both climax at the same time. I lean down to give you a kiss, your cock slowly slipping out of me, along with a drop of your sperm. What a great way to start any day. Thank you.

Tags: Booty Glasses Hairy Pussy Naughty Wife